Holiday Stromboli 3 Days | Trekking Volcanoes

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Holiday Stromboli 3 Days | Trekking Volcanoes


Holiday stay in Stromboli and Vulcano in the facility “3-star” Hotel, climbing of the great crater of the volcano up to 391m height with authorized volcanologist guide that will explain the various stages of the route. Second day climbing the volcano of Stromboli on the top to 918m with volcano guide licensed guides fulfilling the conditions stated of the law and can make all the climbing with groups of 20-25 people.The afternoon scaled plans of the stops every 40 minutes, the total duration of the climb is about 5/6 hours, a particular equipment is recommended to ensure a safe climbing.

For this holiday with sojourn in Stromboli and Vulcano Island, our agency “Clarissa Viaggi” has set a package all included which provide
  • Ticket hydrofoil/ship Port of Milazzo – Port of Vulcano
  • Ticket hydrofoil/ship Port of Vulcano -Port of Stromboli
  • 1-night stay “3-Star” Hotel/B&B in Vulcano
  • Climb with volcano guide on the top of the Gran Crater of Vulcano Island
  • 1-night stay in Residence/B&B in Stromboli
  • Climbing with volcano guide on the top of Stromboli

Holiday Stromboli 3 Days | Trekking Volcanoes


1th day

At 09:30 boarding from the port of Milazzo on fast boat to transfer to Vulcano
Arrival at Vulcano, and accommodation at the hotel indicated in the rooms assigned for the holiday.

Trekking Vulcano Island

Encounter with the Volcanologic Guide for information on the route to take to reach the summit of Great Crater of the volcano height of 391 m., control apparel, shoes and water supply.
The total duration the climb is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Itinerary: starting from Porto Levante for forward into the path enclosed within green broom and soil from the sandy bottom of black formed by ash and lapilli. The first sensation is that of find himself in a setting of Dante’s hell, similar to the lunar surface. As you go up you will present to your eyes a wonderful panorama with view of Vulcanello, the mount Saraceno, the port of Levante, the port of Ponente and the island of Lipari.

After several km from the departure, the ground of the path will assume a reddish, soon after you arrive at the fumaroles Plan where you will experience a strong smell of sulfur escaping from fumaroles and right before your eyes in a wall of heavy smoke and gas which is released of the ground of a yellow color appears in the crater mouth. Assisted by the Volcanological Guide, you can go round the crater wearing masks to avoid inhaling the gases sulfur loads.

The landscape that will be presented will be of indescribable beauty with the view of the Great Crater bottom, enormous boulders at the “Bread crust” and a breathtaking view of the entire archipelago. The descent will follow the same path of ascent.

2nd day

At 08:00am Breakfast, assigned rooms in the “3-star” Hotel for to reach the port of Levante, boarding on a fast ship of the line to reach the island of Stromboli.
Arrive in Stromboli, reach the residence to take possession of the room we reserved.

Trekking Isola di Stromboli

In the early afternoon encounter with the volcanological guide to receive information about the type of the path and route you will follow to get to the top of the volcano Stromboli. The climb on Stromboli craters is one of the most exciting experiences you can live. The climb to Stromboli is not a simple walk. We do not recommend the climb for people with asthmatic problems, cardiopathic and those who suffer from vertigo because the trails are steep in some places with high temperatures in the summer months.

The Stromboli volcano is the most active in the world, and it is monitored 24 hours on 24 hours. Access to the volcano is regulated by the Department of Civil Protection, groups can not exceed more than 20 participants. Departures are between the hours 3:30pm / 5:30pmdepending on the season. It takes about 3 hours for the climb to the top andand 2 hours for the descent. On the way stop for 15-20 minutes, the time of permanence in the top of the volcano on the top of the crater can vary from 30 to 45 minutes.

Abbigliamento ed attrezzature per la scalata allo Stromboli: è necessario calzare scarponcini da trekking, indossare una felpa, giacca anti vento, pantaloni lunghi, in uno zaino inserire: 2 magliette per ricambio, fazzoletti per proteggersi dai fumi e polveri, 1 litro d’acqua ed una torcia elettrica con batterie alcaline.

Important during the ascent to not leave the group headed to the Volcanological Guide.

Per motivi di sicurezza la Guida Vulcanologica si riserva l’ultima decisione in base alle condizioni meteo-ambientali, equipaggiamento e alle condizioni fisiche dei singoli escursionisti. Le nostre guide fanno parte del Collegio Regionale Guide Alpine e Vulcanologia Sicilia.

3th day

At 8:00am Breakfast
At 10:00am vacate the room.

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Holiday Stromboli 3 Days | Trekking Volcanoes

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